Social Media Platforms 101

What platform is which?

“Engage. Enlighten. Encourage, and especially be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.”

— Susan Cooper.

Susan Cooper has hit the nail right on the head with this quote. Social media is a community effort and a great place to showcase who you are and what you like to do. Sometimes when starting out social media can be very overwhelming and can add up to too much fast. Before diving into all different platforms and getting lost in the shuttle, I outlined each platform and how they might benefit you and your business.

Facebook: Hopefully this one can be easy. Facebook is a platform where users can create a profile highlighting themselves. This platform is focused on business to customer products and services. It allows you to be a bit more casual as well. Many people in my generation would try to search companies on Facebook first to see how established they are. Facebook also allows you to run page promotion ads (more to come) that help you reach your target audience. I think this is a great first start for most companies. Facebook is also great for visuals, text, videos, articles and many others. It is a nice one stop shop.

Instagram: Instagram is more visual than Facebook and is not as focused on the caption or text associated with it. Instagram has great stories that can target your audience in a more personal way and great for cross promotions with other users. With Instagram, hashtags are king. You really want to limit yourself to about 10-15, but are strongly encouraged (more to come on this as well). Hashtags for Instagram is what get you noticed and are great for customers searching you.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is suit and tie business. That means it is focused on your physical business, products, job opportunities and benefits. This platform is great for business to business products and services, but if done the right way could reach everyday consumers. LinkedIn is thought leadership articles, blogs, experience, new project highlights and engagement around new trends in the market. I would recommend LinkedIn being the last platform that you launch for a business if your focus is reaching everyday consumers like you and me.

Pinterest: I love Pinterest, but if you are not promoting your pins I think this one can wait as well. Pinterest strongly depends on what product or service you are selling. Pinterest could be great for your service and you, but maybe not for someone else. I know this might be vague, and not what you are looking for but it truly depends.

I hope this helps you think twice about what platform you should be utilizing when launching a business. As always please reach out if you want additional recommendations or need help starting. I will be adding to this as I go, so stay tuned for a deep dive in additional platforms. Each business is different and each service or product is different. Define your goals and start with one thing at a time!